• 1-on-1 Social Media Coaching

    Are you using social media to enhance your referral reputation?

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    Working alone is hard. I am the person that is here to help take away that stress. 


    I will help you build your confidence, check in with you every month to answer questions, teach you tips and tricks to succeed, and hold you accountable for the goals you want to achieve in order to improve your business’ social network.


    As your social media coach, I will take a deep dive into your web presence and then sit down with you 1-on-1 to review what works about your social media and what parts need more love. You will leave with updated social media pages and fresh ideas on how you can handle your social media without the headaches.

  • What kind of guidance can I get during a sherpa session?

    • The secrets of Instagram hashtags
    • Structure your LinkedIn post so people actually read it
    • Turn your LinkedIn profile into a conversation starter 
    • Web pages biographies serve you 
    • Walking through your existing accounts and making sure you are set up correctly 
    • Start a new social media page at zero and still get likes and comments 
    • Getting the 411 on hot platforms like TikTok & Clubhouse
    • Lead email capturing and engaging
    • Learning how to guide someone from social media into your sales pipeline
    • Hacks on how to promote your event or live stream using a Facebook event page
    • How to get people to engage with a brand new social media page
    • How to set yourself up on a platform 
    • How to implement a business program's social media components as it relates to your industry

  • The process working together


    Start with a Video Review

    I send you questions to collect your profiles and your reflections on social media. You get a video review of me "stalking" you online within 3-7 business days.


    Learn Together

    We set up time for our initial two hour deep dive into your social media where you will
    1) get content ideas

    2) get answers to your most pressing questions

    3) a mindset shift around your marketing


    Ongoing Support and Accountability

    We build a package to keep it simple for you to get your questions answered on the fly via audio messages and ongoing sessions. Within 3-6 months, you will have stronger systems in place to maintain your marketing and stay in touch with the people that matter most to your business.

  • What you need to know before signing up for a coaching session

    The Support Package

    The starting point for my clients is a video review of their web presence. (can be purchased separately, contact me)


    The video review not only tells you where you are missing your money, but it will also give you plenty of tips you can apply today!


    In addition to:

    • What works great about your websites and social media accounts
    • What can be improved
    • What information is missing 
    • What I would recommend your next steps be for your marketing. 
    • What skills may help you maximize your referrals 

    Sherpa clients get ongoing one-on-one support with their marketing over the course of 3 months.


    Then we do a deep dive, a two-hour-long session, that focuses on the two social media skills that are most relevant to you and gives you guidance on what your future clients need to hear.


    We come up with an accountability plan built around you to make it happen.


    Current clients can reach out to me between sessions.

  • Get clarity and accountability to do your own marketing.


  • Testimonial from a Client

    Amanda Lydy, Interior Designer

    “Shaily is energized and knowledgeable about social media and the importance of it in a small business person’s outreach and also the various components of the different platforms out there. She has hacks for every single one.
    “She is every bit worth [the price] because she is bringing expertise to the table. Yeah, some person can dick around and figure out [social media] on their own. It’s the accountability that is the extra component that makes it so worth it”

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  • Shaily's Coaching Clients include:

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    Inspired Aging™️ Empowerment Coach

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    Interior Designers

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    Real Estate Agents

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    Food Manufacturers

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    Cabaret Performers

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    Brand Strategists

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    Spiritual Leaders

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    Online Coaches

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    Membership Clubs

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    Celebrity Caterers

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    CBD Products

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    Auto Training Schools

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    Online Chess Programing

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    Environmental Housing Projects

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    Career and interviewing Specialists

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    Natural Beauty Product Producers

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    Sleep Consultants

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    UX Designers

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    Arts Nonprofit

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    Insurance Agents

  • Learn where your marketing efforts can be most fruitful for you and your business goals.

    Sign up for a video review below

    Social Media Video Review

    Social Media Video Review

    The audit not only tells you where you are missing your money, it will give you plenty of tips you can apply today!

    In addition to:
    What works great about your websites and social media accounts
    What can be improved
    What information is missing
    What I would recommend your next steps be for your marketing.
    What skills may help you maximize your referrals

    Watch Shaily's unfiltered thoughts on your business marketing via video review.
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