• Online Event Support - Right Hand Gal

    What you want: An online event to bring your community together without being distracted by technology so you can focus on what you do best.

  • What you need:


    • Remembering to press the record button when my clients would have forgotten to do so Better engagement strategies for online events
    • Event live streaming
    • Making break out rooms a breeze
    • Planning the tech rehearsal your team didn’t know they ended
    • Showcasing your videos during the event
    • Allowing you to show off your slides
    • Giving clients clarity in timing and how much should be shared within their time frame
    • Figure out Zoom features and settings to make sure you are getting what you need at the online event
    • Featuring the right panelists at the right time
    • Consulting with your team to show them how to knock the online event out of the park

    Who we can best help:


    • Smaller and growing nonprofits - they don’t have the internal bandwidth to learn a new skill when their energies need to be focused on areas only they can tackle like donor engagement and fundraising
    • Venture capital firms - They want to engage their networks in online events
    • Chambers of commerce - help the host create engaging networking events on Zoom or unique platforms like Toucan.Events
    • Destination Management companies - They have been tasked to prepare a hybrid event for their clients
    • Social media content producers - easily live stream to your community
    • Associations - for annual conferences
    • Business owners - You want to understand how to use Zoom better for their own presentations like not having to hide your notes because your slides are taking over your screen and participants’ reactions while speaking.
  • How to get started making your online events extra fabulous


    Tell me who you are

    Fill out the simple form on this page to start the conversation and reserve some time


    Learning your needs

    Get to know you and your organization questionnaire - this is where I get to know the ins and outs of your event. I get an understanding of how extensive the support will need to be. Some clients need simple tech back up while others want me to be fully responsible for the back end of the event. This allows me to build the exact online event experience you need.


    Confirming what you need

    Shaily extracts from your brain on a call - this is where we review and confirm the key goals for your event that needs to happen. Both parties can ask away. This is where we will start to dive into pricing options and details. Usually, this is where I get a good chunk of what I need to prepare for the online event.


    Build the online event together

    Jumping in with Shaily - Once payment and event support details are confirmed, I will jump into the prep for your event. For some clients, it means helping them facilitate rehearsals and other prep calls. I work with your team to make sure we all are working on the same event schedule timeline. Behind the scenes, I will be prepping the cues and testing everything for myself to knock your event out of the water. I also prepare the team for internet armageddon by designating a backup person on their team.


    Day of the event

    Show day - I always come early to the event and test all my tech again, get all your slides and videos ready, and calm your team down. One client said I actively lowered his blood pressure by helping with his events.


    Preparing you for the future

    After the online event - we all breathe a sigh of relief. I always offer my clients a follow-up call to discuss what happened and offer mutual feedback.

  • What Shaily's Clients Say for online events and other services

    "I recruited Shaily after seeing her manage weekly Zoom events for a local Jewish organization. I was impressed with her technological acumen and ability to manage video, audio, and on-screen details all while being the de facto emcee during those events. We chose not to consider anyone else for the position.


    Shaily came to our event incredibly prepared: She was intentional about connecting with [nonprofit] multiple times prior to the event to understand how [nonprofit] intended to utilize Zoom and helped co-facilitate virtual rehearsals leading up to the event.


    Shaily was in charge of managing all on-screen transitions during the event, including all audio transitions, showing the video highlighting [nonprofits]'s work, managing the audio & spotlighting of keynote speakers, and switching between slides during several keynote presentations. She managed it all flawlessly, allowing me to engage with our audience via the chatbox.


    Shaily is a pleasure to work with and brings great energy!"

    - Hannah Morely,

    Development Coordinator - Event Producer


    "Everybody loved the program. Your personality really came through. There was a great balance of humor.


    I thought you were very easy to work with you. You followed up and offered a number of options. You did really well of asking exactly what I needed, what the expectations are, who's coming, how many people are coming, and stuff like that. You offer multiple options and digit pricing.You even offered to bring food from Chicago. You offered everything.


    It was very positive from start to finish for me."


    - Eric Love,

    Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion

    University of Notre Dame

    "I think it was a great experience.

    Shaily ironed out the expectations from the beginning.


    She gave me everything I need in the description of the seminar and the bio she sent.


    From there, a number of individuals signed up.

    So there is an interest in leveraging LinkedIn and I thought [working with Shaily] was a smooth process."


    - Maura Mitchell,

    Managing Director, Entrepreneurial Services

    Women's Business Development Center

    "I especially liked all the interactive activities and the shared Google doc activity that you used (I may be borrowing that technique if you don't mind ;).


    I always enjoy the energy, enthusiasm, and expertise you bring to the classroom."


    - Ryan Zieman,

    Social Media Instructor

    DePaul University