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    Learn more about the Your Social Media Sherpa experience.

    The Problem:

    So you want to be held accountable to your social media goals but don’t have the years experience to hack through where you should be spending your time online to best reach your future clients.

    Look no further! Shaily is here to help.


    The Service:

    Book a 1-2 hour session with Shaily where she will not only answer your burning social media questions but will also train you on how to best use the platforms for your small business. Learn all her best online relationship building tips too. Meet with her once for a crash course, or have regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly* sessions with her to help you stick to your needs. (*Ask about bulk autopay pricing)


    Shaily has been running social media accounts for the last 5 years for various organizations and has been teaching and tutoring kids and adults for years beyond that. She is also a certified K-6 educator, who knew? She has the patience to work with you at your own pace and will not judge your starting point. She has specialized in motivational tutoring for kiddos and those skills are easily transferable to adults especially the more she gets to know you and what may be holding you back.

    What you get:

    What do you get for the money? We sit down for a 1-2 hour session depending on your schedule. You will get a few warm-up questions from Shaily via email in the days leading up to your session. Based on what you have told her your needs are, she will make an adaptable lesson plan to follow the day of. Though she cannot cover all your needs, Shaily does her best to make sure you leave with more information on your priority needs.

    What to bring to the session:

    The session works best if both you and Shaily have a computer in front of them.

    Post Session Accountability:

    What happens after? I hold you accountable. Before the session ends, I ask what is a realistic timeline to get done what you have set out for yourself. When I get home, I schedule a series of personalized emails to go out in the ideal intervals to remind you of what you hoped to accomplish.

    One customer said she needed to work on writing more blogs but only needed a reminder every 2-3 weeks. So I set that up for her. One client said she liked working on strict deadlines and procrastinating before sessions. I set up emails that emphasized the deadline being our next session. My customers can then respond to those emails with any updates or questions they had between sessions.

    Scope and relationship beyond the session:

    If you have purchased a session from me in the past month, I am happy to answer small questions that come up over time. I trust that you will use your business sense to ask within reason and will let you know if you ask too much. I am generally very open. *I am even more generous if I can reply to your email in a voice message.

    Extra Check in Session:

    If you booked a session within the last month, I am super flexible on spending time answering your questions over email.


    Most sessions are virtual over Zoom.

    It's the time to get to where you prefer to meet. I live in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. I sometimes work out of an office near The Bean. Around once a week, I am out of a location in Lincolnshire, IL. I can drive to you if there is readily available free parking. I prefer not to go too far from these areas.

    Let’s chat and see if there is a great location that works for you that I can easily get to. I have found coworking spaces work well. Crowded coffee shops are a bit harder. Finding a space where we can both talk out loud without interrupting others around us is the goal.


    I love payments over Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle. I am also happy to take physical checks or online checks mailed out through your bank account.

    Most major banks offer Zelle. It goes directly from your bank account to mine in a blink of an eye. Open up your banking app or web browser to Zelle and use this specific email as where you want to direct the payment: hakimian45@gmail.com (keep in mind that it may ask for an email or phone number, please only use this email)

    I also have my PayPal set up under hakimian45@gmail.com. You can send money from your account to my account. I can also send an invoice where you can pay online. I may collect additional convenience fees for these options.

    What hours are you generally available?:

    I am generally available Tuesday-Friday between 9am-4pm central.

    What is your cancelation policy?

    I ask that you cancel 48 hours in advance if you cannot make the session. If you cancel within 24 hours, I reserve the right to charge for the full session. When I block out time for you, I have to say no to others. I set up my schedule to make sure I am in the best spot to serve you. I take this very seriously. I know things do come up. I try to be flexible and accommodating.

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