• Social Media Speaking

    Looking for ways to grow your team’s social media skills in an informal, interactive way?

    As your social media speaker, I help audiences harness the collective insights of the community they are in. We share our experience with social media, and learn tips and tricks by crowdsourcing your insights and mine.


    Hiring me in to speak means bringing in an infectious amount of energy to your organization. I am a believer in learning through laughter and have spent the last decade doing storytelling, stand-up comedy, improv, magic, teaching, and facilitating. My informative and fun presentations are a memorable way to learn how to leverage the power of social media.

  • "Your presentation was dynamic and highly engaging. I was especially happy to see students taking advantage of interaction opportunities at every level. From the chat to vocal response to the LinkedIn review, you created a space where students were able to participate at their own level of comfortability. This is a great rare skill, and it is so valuable in the online learning format."

    Kerry Armbruster, University of Chicago

    "She has the ability to cheer up a room and give it fresh air like your breathing for the first time."

    -Adam Mogilevsky

  • Social Media Speaking Skills

    Talks can be done virtually or in-person

    Workshop Facilitator

    She is a catalyst for conversation.

    Shaily's interactive social media workshops encourage learning through laughter and participation.


    Possible topics include: "Leveraging LinkedIn," or "Social Media Networking," or custom topics.

    Guest Speaker

    She's a Social Media Storyteller.

    Shaily loves talking about examples of social media challenges, strategies, and successes.


    Possible topics include: "Social Media for Sales," "Finding work on LinkedIn," or custom topics.


    She's your go-to emcee!

    Shaily loves to facilitate conversations by crafting great questions and connecting speakers' ideas.


    Possible opportunities include: panels, interviews, roundtables, event host, and more.

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  • Watch Shaily in Action

    Check out some examples of past workshops and talks

    "Leveraging LinkedIn for Business"

    State Farm - 6/1/19

    Workshop Facilitator

    "Accountability with Your Social Media Sherpa"

    "Bringing Your Vision to Life" at Community Connect  - 7/23/19

    Keynote Speaker

    "Fireside Chat with @BestFoodAlex - Instagram Influencer"

    WeWork at Grant Park - 3/20/18