• The Sherpa Experience

    You can start it at no cost to you. Steps 2+3 are customized for each client.

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    Shatter your understanding of social media at no cost*

    Part 1

    • Understand how social media can be productive for your business
    • Gain instant content ideas you can post right away

    • Trust where your next client is coming from.

    • *Watching is the first step to seeing if you are a good fit for the Sherpa experience.


    Format: five-minute videos with lots of stories, examples, and action steps in a course format or as YouTube videos.

    Timeline: 25 minutes whenever you want.

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    No doing, just absorbing.

    Part 2

    • You and your team will receive an overview of the steps needed to do internal social media and marketing in an hour or less every week, with a minimum of two pieces of content a month.
    • You'll get a marketing flow that works for your strengths, schedule, and audience.

    • You'll gain a clear understanding of where you are losing dollars by not engaging with your network through the web. Examples from past clients include a neglected email list, a LinkedIn page that needs consistent content, or no capture form on your website.

    • You'll feel confident about the content you must put out for your business.


    Format: Recorded video, phone call, video call, text-based, or as a training for your team.


    Timeline: Results are seen in as little as ten days or up to one month, depending on how quickly you react to the process.

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    The marathon. Slow and steady wins the race.

    Part 3


    • Your business marketing will stop feeling so lonely! All your text messages get answered in 48 hours or less, and calls are available as needed. You'll always feel safe navigating your content.
    • We'll get a book's worth of content out of your brain and into a shared document. You'll always have ideas on what to post. These content ideas will last a minimum of three months but can be repurposed indefinitely.

    • I'll help you fight perfectionism and manage your overwhelm. We'll unpack the ick when it comes to your content creation struggles. Social media isn't just business; it gets personal. Previous clients have gained confidence in other areas of their life.

    • No more pushing a boulder up a mountain. You make the steps; I keep you in line. We build the steps around you, your schedule, and your strengths every time we talk. I'll make it way less stressful than you think it needs to be.


    Format: regular calls 30-90 mins 2-5 times a month, messages on Signal, progress tracking, and goal reminder emails.

    Timeline: 3 months to start and complete our original agreement but clients usually extend from there. If it takes longer than 3 months to work out the initial agreement, I work with you until we do as long as you follow the steps.

  • Frequently asked questions to the Sherpa

    These are the top questions I get from people who want to take their social media to the next level