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    Shaily Hakimian

    My social media journey started in high school when my online reality competition shows needed an online hub for our activities. I ran that hub as a Myspace group, crafting my social media skills long before the term was even coined.

    As a first-generation American of Moroccan and Iranian heritage, I love connecting with people, figuring out who they are, and what they care about. This is why I gravitated to social media and teaching. I earned my teaching degree from Indiana University and have used my skills in various capacities including in facilitating my own workshops and incorporating technology into the classroom.

    I am an optimistic person who is constantly looking for win-win opportunities for friends, students, and clients. I help people represent themselves using social media in order to re-engage their social networks at scale. Everything I do in life, both online and offline, is about empowering others by creating connections.

    Things I am passionate about:


    • Learning about new platforms like TikTok (check out my favorite Lawyers on TikTok),
    • Motivating teens to share what makes them awesome on LinkedIn (want to inspire your students? Learn more about my teen workshop),

    • Icebreakers,

    • getting people to hash out their differences,
    • live streaming on Periscope and beyond,
    • magic,
    • motivating students in school, in math, and beyond,
    • educational technologies especially with an iPad,
    • getting to the core of people’s problems,
    • talking about “diversity,”
    • Twitter and its networking capabilities,
    • answering questions about what it’s like to be Jewish, and beyond.

    My Network:

    • LinkedIn (check out my past posts), 
    • HR/Recruiting,
    • Jewish communal workers, 
    • Magicians, LGBT+ Activists, 
    • Improvisors/Comedians, 
    • Jews from a range of backgrounds, 
    • Reality Competition Show Enthusiasts, 
    • Social Media influencers,
    • Marketing consultants
    • Tech professionals, 
    • Jewelers,
    • friends who can range from liberal to conservative, 
    • other extreme networkers, matchmakers, and beyond.
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