• Does doing your own social media stress you out?

    Are you tired of all the fruitless networking phone calls and meetings?

    Hi, I'm Shaily! I provide solo business owners ease and accountability to scale trust within your social network using social media tools like LinkedIn.

    My process values three things: building meaningful relationships, accountability, and sharing social media industry experience.


    (also, teacher skills so maybe four things.)


    Hm, what else? I currently manage all comment engagement for a 10 location restaurant, I grow community engagement in a Facebook group for a 6 figure internet coach, and I curate content for socially-driven organizations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can find me testing out social media platforms like Medium and Quora here.

  • One-on-One Social Media Sessions

    We sit down one on one and work on your social media challenges together

    PERKS of a one-on-one social media session

    • Support on showcasing your service value to the masses
    • Social media profile page optimization
    • A social media plan that is feasible for you to execute on consistently
    • A chance to ask questions most pressing to your social media
    • Ongoing accountability to make sure you make your social media goals a reality

    Are you ready for some extra social media support?

  • Testimonial from a Client

    "Shaily helps provide accountability to reinvest in your own marketing."

    Amanda Lydy, Interior Designer

    “Shaily is energized and knowledgeable about social media and the importance of it in a small business person’s outreach and also the various components of the different platforms out there. She has hacks for every single one. She can filter what is applicable for most clients and provide a guideline about how to get caught up and get consistent information across all of [the platforms].
    “She helped organize me, kept me accountable with a to-do list, and she did lesson plans which I thought was so cool and organized. This was particularly meaningful because [Shaily] has a greater knowledge base about this stuff. People like me have our expertise elsewhere, it’s so incredibly helpful because it can feel so overwhelming.”
    “What was helpful with [Shaily] is that it was about baby steps. It’s so overwhelming when you realize all the work you have to do but if you can just start with one step, and another day start with another step, it helps alleviate the overwhelming feeling. We do get so consumed with our own work that it’s hard to have time to invest in our own marketing. It’s very normal for your own marketing to fall by the wayside when you are working so hard on your other clients, but you do have to remember to take that time to reinvest in your own work. That is what Shaily does, she helps provide accountability to reinvest in your own marketing.”
    “She is every bit worth [the price] because she is bringing expertise to the table. Yeah, some person can dick around and figure out [social media] on their own. It’s the accountability that is the extra component that makes it so worth it because everything else gets lost in the shuffle and doesn’t get done. I really appreciated the emails, and loved knowing I could refer back to them at any time.”

  • Featured Social Media Sherpa clients:

    Shaily loves working with solo service based business owners

    Interior Designers

    Real Estate Agents


    Food Manufacturers

    Cabaret Performers


    Brand Strategists

    Spiritual Leaders

    Online Coaches

    Membership Clubs

    Celebrity Caterers

    CBD Products


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