• LinkedIn for College Students

    LinkedIn empowerment workshop

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    GOAL - Confidence, Empowerment, and Advancement

    The participants will leave more confident in their abilities to speak about their strengths and attributes. I help illuminate the attributes that could be valuable that they never realized they have in order to advance in their careers. I want them to harness their unique power. I want them to experiment in their areas of interest and be empowered to follow their path.

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    1 Hour Workshop

    • To get themselves started on

      • Exploring their interests and validating that

      • ‘Writing about themselves

      • Adding volunteer experiences

      • Networking

      • Shaping their experiences in terms of how they can help a company or a business.

    • To get feedback from

      • people who are already in this field and how they did it

      • Board members and mentors sharing tips

      • Shaily on selected profiles - hot seat style

    • To be pushed to be vulnerable to ask their questions

      • Shaily can show you how you can get the girls to be less scared to ask over zoom.

    • To feel less scared about applying for jobs and internships


    • To have fun!

    Watch this full LinkedIn training to get a taste of what we can do for you

  • Additional Support and Accountability - DELUXE OPTIONS


    Additional support:

    • 30-minute pre-session with selected students to best curate the talk to your community

    • “Afterparty” for the initial workshop for them to talk to me and get more personalized help. (depends on the attention span)

    • 1 hour office hours that they can use as a way to get feedback, ask questions, network, and get LinkedIn accountability

    Potential Bonuses

    Email coaching to your list pre-event to help the market.


    Shaily’s special email accountability experience where they will be reminded of their specific goals at various intervals in the next month.

    Finishing year-end budgets before they expire by prepaying and booking Shaily for speeches in the following school year.

    Additional Details

    How to get more out of the session:


    Survey the participants as part of the registration on:
    1) What are they curious about? What questions do they have?

    2) Are you interested in getting a live profile review before the call? If so, copy your URL.

    3) Including a shortlist of topics around LinkedIn that they can checkboxes on. Profiles, networking, how to reach out, banner image, recommendations, or endorsements.


    Designate a moderator who knows your community

    1) They will be able to pull out the most pressing questions

    2) Hearing questions being read by someone who can relate to the participants will be more engaging 


    Shaily spent a lot of her career in queer activism. Her pronouns at She Her Hers


  • What Shaily's Clients Say

    "Everybody loved the program. Your personality really came through. There was a great balance of humor.


    I thought you were very easy to work with you. You followed up and offered a number of options. You did really well of asking exactly what I needed, what the expectations are, who's coming, how many people are coming, and stuff like that. You offer multiple options and digit pricing.You even offered to bring food from Chicago. You offered everything.


    It was very positive from start to finish for me."


    - Eric Love,

    Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion

    University of Notre Dame

    "The class and your teaching really gave me the confidence I needed to not only speak on social media at work more confidently but to be more curious and adventurous when it comes to social media at work and personally.


    The passion and energy you brought to class each week was unmatched, and definitely a level I need to get on!


    Definitely going to insert some energy and vibes into my LinkedIn profile.

    I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Thank you again, Shaily!"

    - Michelle Ricolcol

    Student at The University of Chicago
    Marketing Manager at Ravinia Festival

    "Her sessions are high energy, fun, generate ideas about how you can build a social network, improve your online presence, and connect to industry.


    I always say that while your resume may be amazing, the problem is the employer has not heard of you yet, Shaily teaches about how to close that last gap."


    - Sidney Shapiro

    Program Coordinator in Analytics and IT

    Cambrian College

    "I think it was a great experience.

    Shaily ironed out the expectations from the beginning.


    She gave me everything I need in the description of the seminar and the bio she sent.


    From there, a number of individuals signed up.

    So there is an interest in leveraging LinkedIn and I thought [working with Shaily] was a smooth process."


    - Maura Mitchell,

    Managing Director, Entrepreneurial Services

    Women's Business Development Center

    "I especially liked all the interactive activities and the shared Google doc activity that you used (I may be borrowing that technique if you don't mind ;).


    I always enjoy the energy, enthusiasm, and expertise you bring to the classroom."


    - Ryan Zieman,

    Social Media Instructor

    DePaul University

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