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    One host said:

    "You made nurturing my network seem like something to look forward to instead of a chore. Thank you for a great interview."

    I get drunk talking social media.

    “Did You Know That Social Media is NOT About Your Business?”


    • What steps you need to take for your small business, and when

    • How do you choose a secondary social media platform?

    • Shaily’s Facebook hack for creating more engagement and publicity for a livestream or event.

    • My method for figuring out what a client values using LinkedIn.

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    Talking to fellow marketers and business owners about how to think about their own marketing

    Episode 3: COVID 19 vs Digital Marketing


    Easy social media tips and a bit of my journey being a sherpa

    Adam Torres interviews Shaily Hakimian Social Media Sherpa


    • Adam Torres interviews Shaily Hakimian Social Media Sherpa on tips to success

    • Features a 15 minute interview on a two-part series that features a variety of business owners

    • Insights on social media marketing

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    Social Media Coaching During a Pandemic

    Restarting America features business owners and community leaders who talk about their experiences during the spread of COVID-19.

    • Features business owners and community leaders who talk about their experiences during the spread of COVID-19.

    • Interview with a good friend and fellow marketer, Josh Gibbs of 97Switch, on what it's like to run my business during corona and how my clients have navigated

    • Did you know I am a Math tutor?

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    How to get an abundant mindset in business and your marketing

    EP:34 Social Media Marketing Tips For Success with Shaily Hakimian

    • Eye-opening tips for Podcast Promotion

    • How to promote your videos on LinkedIn

    • What kind of content should you put in your videos?

    • Relationships between social media experts & business owners


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    Let's talk about building up a business

    Episode # 24 with Shaily Hakimian, Social Media Connoisseur and Math Tutor

    Podcast Highlights:

    • Interview with a good friend and fellow business machine National Master Evan Rabin, CEO of Premier Chess.

    • Watch us bond over our different careers

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    Mid-west women unite

    “Marketing yourself on social media”

    Podcast highlights:

    • Difference between social media and Public Relations

    • Social media managers don't understand the value of PR

    • How to market yourself on social media

    Shaily gets personal about her life

    “That Entrepreneur life: How to use LinkedIn to get more leads”


    • I discuss the lowest points of my career & what scared me the most

    • How does your mindset affect the way you work?

    • How I started my entrepreneurial journey

    • The best ways to utilize your LinkedIn profile


    Why the word "mortgage" scares millennials

    “Positively charged biz”


    • Why are young adults scared to go into the mortgage business?
    • How does your social media tie in with your mortgage?
    • The best ways to communicate with your clients through social media
    • What kind of content is good content?

    How to spark a juicy conversation

    "Fraternity Foodie", how greek life students can engage their followers on sorority/fraternity social media accounts


    • "Inside Out" program where students share a class with incarcerated people and learn about the prison system, while creating a bonding experience 
    • How competitive Greek life is at major universities
    • Tips on how to rebuttal your opinion by using the language of the other person