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    Does managing your business' social media stress you out?

    Does social media just feel like too much for you to juggle with all your other responsibilities? Let me take it off your plate! I can help build your company’s capacity by taking the pressure of day-to-day social media management off your hands. As a social media manager, I specialize in curating content to engage new and current followers.

  • Examples of Work for Past Clients

    and how I can help you!

    Curated Content:

    • custom content creation to showcase your story, build trust, and share the value of your brand,
    • finding and posting niche news articles relevant to your audience and brand,
    • connecting a variety of news aggregates to give your audience a comprehensive view of a subject area,
    • pulling out juicy quotes taken from video content,
    • building a photo sharing campaign to get people to post their own inspired ideas.

    Engaging Followers:

    • creating a calendar to build and maintain consistent ongoing relationships with your followers,
    • using content as a facilitator for networking conversations,
    • tagging important groups, individuals, or organizations to create leads for future collaboration and brand awareness, 
    • optimizing your event for social media + live Tweeting or posting on Snapchat in real time,
    • personally emailing followers to welcome them to the page and thank them for their participation.
  • Shaily's Management Clients Include:

    Chili Manufacturers

    Jewish Nonprofits

    Video Production Agency

    Seafood Restaurants

    Health Related Nonprofits

    Projects Funded by a Large Foundation

    Online Marketing Coach

    Venture Backed Companies

    Social Enterprise

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