• Socialize on the fly

    Drop-in quick hellos with Shaily & Friends


    Come say hi for a few minutes or stick around and maybe meet some lovely new folks.


    I want this to be a light and easy way for people to bump into me in the virtual world.


    Ideally, I love one one one connecting with folks so this is a fun way to do it.


    Toucan is a light and easy platform that makes it easy to video network with people.


    Though this is not an event, in the case where I am in a one on with someone else you can choose to either:


    a) join a bubble with someone else and say hi


    b) stay in a bubble alone and continue whatever you were doing. I will jump into it and say hello while you were doing whatever you were doing. Me speaking can pull you back in.


    c) you don't have to stay. Do what is right for you.

    Join here: https://app.toucan.events/Hakimian45

    Add this to your digital calendar so you don't forget.