• Getting marketing off your plate

    Focus on the things that matter most to you

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  • The process working together


    Start with a Video Review

    I analyze all your social media profiles.

    You get a video review of me "stalking" you online within 3-7 business days.


    Learn Together

    An initial two hour deep dive into your social media where you will
    1) get content ideas

    2) get answers to your most pressing questions

    3) a mindset shift around your marketing


    Ongoing Support and Accountability

    We build a package (details below) to keep it simple for you to get your questions answered on the fly via audio messages and ongoing sessions. Within 3-6 months, you will have stronger systems in place to maintain your marketing and stay in touch with the people that matter most to your business.

  • What kind of guidance can I get during a sherpa session?

    Shaily will prioritize the content based on your goals.

    What are Shaily’s sweet spots for LinkedIn

    • Knowing how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

    • How to post content so the algorithm likes it even more

    • How to get people to keep engaging with your content

    • What do after a post goes out and connecting that to your business goals

    • Making you crystal clear what you should be posting about.

    • Knowing how much and how consistently you need to post.

    • Turn your LinkedIn profile into a conversation starter


    • The secrets of Instagram hashtags
    • Web pages biographies serve you 
    • Walking through your existing accounts and making sure you are set up correctly 
    • Start a new social media page at zero and still get likes and comments 
    • Getting the 411 on hot platforms like Clubhouse
    • Lead email capturing and engaging
    • Learning how to guide someone from social media into your sales pipeline
    • Hacks on how to promote your event or live stream using a Facebook event page
    • How to get people to engage with a brand new social media page
    • How to set yourself up on a platform 
    • How to implement a business program's social media components as it relates to your industry

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    What you should know about Shaily can help you


    • Shaily's client's audience is post-corporate women and she coaches them all on LinkedIn - you get personal attention

    • You will know exactly what we are getting you closer to which is clarity on where you need to take your own marketing and how that plays into what you already have

    • You will feel empowered about how your goals align with the tool of Linkedin

    • Train the people you already trust.

    • You get a video of the whole experience so you can give it to new people you bring on.

    • I worked for a company that served executive search firms.

    • I am a junkie for women’s networking events

  • These packages will help

    you to educate and grow the community you serve

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    Set up for success

    3000 (3750 value, free month)

    750 per month

    3-month minimum subscription

    Includes everything in the previous package


    The goal of this package is to guide you on how get better conversations with the people you hope to serve.


    +2 hour getting focused call


    +On going regular calls every month as needed for you are select team members. (usually 1-3 calls a month)


    +Have a base flow of how you are putting out content


    +Voxer voice messages for 4 months

    (usually ~1-3 questions a week)


    +bi-weekly personalized emails to keep you focused and reminded of your priorities


    +Vetting future negotiations with other contractors and integrating them (PR, writers, content managers, etc)


    +Get marketing off your plate confidently and for good so you can do what you do best.

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    Know where you are and where you need to go


    one time purchase

    no minimum subscription requirement for the video review alone

    The video review not only tells you where you are missing your money, but it will also give you plenty of tips you can apply today!

    In addition to:
    What works great about your websites and social media accounts
    +What can be improved
    +What information is missing
    +What I would recommend your next steps be for your marketing.
    +What skills may help you maximize your referrals

    Watch Shaily's unfiltered thoughts on your business marketing via video review.

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    Knowing what content your people need to see


    Buy now instant video training

    I hear it all the time that you and your team run out of ideas. How can you make your un-sexy industry interesting? How can your leads see what your best customers see in you? I want to show you how.

    + Access to the 10+ questions to inspire your content for years to come
    + How you should think of content in relation to your business networking
    + How do pick and choose where you share these insights (ie. blog, social media post, podcast, video, etc)

  • Timeline

    The first two weeks

    Video review, 2 hour deep dive to chart the path, setting up ongoing communication, and a timeline to put our discussed social media pieces in place.

    After two weeks - depending on goals set out after the 2 hour call

    We will set up a video check-in cadence.


    You will have a better understanding of how to implement your most pressing marketing goals shared via the video review.


    You will feel empowered knowing you made the right decision on who you hire to offload the social media.


    You can ask any questions you want via VOXER - https://web.voxer.com/u/hakimian45

    3 Months and Beyond

    Accountability and help future plans. You will branch out to various firms for PR, ads, SEO, and beyond. I want to hold your hand through that. Questions will come up about where you will spend your time. I want to make sure you are focused and that the right skills are brought on for your team.