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    Gain comfort and confidence online. 

    Work 1 on 1 with Shaily, Your Social Media Sherpa®

  • Let me guide you.

    Which best describes you?

  • Are you getting the most out of your business referral network?


    If you are reading this, you're probably neglecting your own business marketing.


    Imagine if you could remind your entire network about all the amazing things you do, at SCALE!


    Get guidance on how to be a resource and get the most out of your network.

    Work one-on-one on how to best engage your network using social media.



  • What is a Social Media Sherpa®?

    The term “Sherpa” refers to a member of a Tibetan tribe living in the Himalayas known for providing support to foreign mountain climbers. Westerners have co-opted the term to mean “an expert guide,” and in this case someone who can guide you on your journey through the daunting, but exciting landscape of 21st century social media.


  • Why Invest in Social Media skills?



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    Social media isn't a solution, it is a tool.

    You probably already market your business in a million different ways, but social media is more scalable than offline word of mouth alone. Learning how to use these platforms to make connections, and to engage people, can increase your audience while also helping you to stay top of mind with the people who already love your services, products, and brands.

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    Social media can be used to:

    • Improve communication with existing customers
    • Reach new audiences
    • Learn more about your competitors and your industry
    • Improve your business’ reputation
    • Showcase the services, products, and work
    • Network with peers

    • Increase brand awareness

  • Social Media Services

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    No time? no interest? no problem! Shaily will take a look at the big picture of your company’s internet content to develop and execute a social media plan.

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    Want to learn how to be more social media savvy? Shaily will sit down with you one-on-one and work on your social media challenges together.

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    Hire Shaily to speak on a variety of social-media related topics! She has spent the last decade teaching, facilitating, and doing stand-up and will give your group a presentation they won't forget.

  • What Shaily's Clients Say

    “Shaily can gently guide a person to understanding that the best course for pursuing their own interests is precisely the pathway she is laying out for them. Any organization that takes her on will get the best online engagement strategy bar none.”


    - David Barany,

    Jewish Educational Consultant

    “Shaily is fun, creative, and most of all really shines when it comes to people engagement...She's a rare gem when it comes to warming up the cold market.”



    - Louellen Jensen,

    Head of Customer Success and Support

    Clockwork Recruiting

    “I've already begun to implement her strategies and they work! What I love the most is that Shaily really gets that social media is a tool to create more human connection, not to replace it.”


    - Megan Wessels

    Founder & CEO

    Powerful Partners, Inc.