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What advantage do small businesses have when it comes to social media?

The 3 types of content you should be putting out

As a local service-based business, you already have the one thing you need to find success using social media:

Your network.

You know that the easiest business you will ever get is via repeat customers and referrals.

Think of anyone you met at a BNI, chamber of commerce, industry association, Rotary club, a religious community, or every person you have ever served in your business.

You have to keep what you do in their heads so they can refer you more.

Yet why do so many businesses on social media miss this in their marketing strategy?

Your content needs to be shared where they are and in a way that speaks to them, their needs, and their desires.

Here are 3 types of content you can share to reengage your referral network:

1️⃣ Answer questions your business get asked all the time

2️⃣ Share stories from your past client experiences

3️⃣ Provide some of your best tips to show the value you can bring to a customer

Remind your network that you are the first one they need to call when someone is in need of your service.

Want to know if you are making the most out of your referral network?