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How to get people to listen to your podcast when you share on social media

Doing this one thing will make people more intrigued by your show

Do you want to get more people to listen to your podcasts via social media promotion?

The tip I am about to reveal can actually be applied to any kind of social media promotion...
What I see: People just share “hey look I am on a podcast” and that is fine. If I am obsessed with you I may decide to watch. But if I am an acquaintance, I may not know why I should click. Just knowing you isn’t enough.

What you should do: Make it obvious that what's inside is desirable to your audience. Give context to why your content is valuable.

The easiest hack is to write a minute by minute breakdown of what you talk about in the show. That way, instead of having to commit to the whole show, the listener can start with the part that most intrigues them.

Here is an example from a recent podcast I did:

:03 What lead me to teaching social media
:24 Will corporate social justice last?
:33 Your LinkedIn is your handshake. Are you ready?

You already have a clear taste about exactly what may be exciting for you to listen to in this full episode.


The first few impressions someone makes of that content will decide if they want to read on whether it be a graphic, a text post, or a video. Grab them while you can.