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I am scared to post on social media.

You are not alone and I feel it too.

I was terrified to post on LinkedIn this past January. Audrey Boyle could tell you.

My nerves posting to my own Facebook changed after managing my first page due to unrealistic expectations for what is good enough.

Can you relate?

After years of managing social media accounts for others and coaching my own clients on their own marketing, this fear hasn’t changed.

I see social media as a mountain where I can scream out to my network whatever it is that I want. I see mediocre content out there that wastes an opportunity to share something worthwhile to the people watching.

That pressure to make something awesome is real, but I also think that pressure is what has helped me capture people on LinkedIn.

It took confidence, testing, and knowing I had something worth sharing to actually go out and post.
My first major video post took me 16 hours to make but sparked a ton of conversations.

LinkedIn opened doors.

I am proud to have posted consistently once a month since December 2018.

But maybe I need to take the pressure off?

Is it all worth it?


Thank you for your support!