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VIDEO: Pre-Made Courses vs. 1 on 1 Coaching | Which is Better for You?

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Ok, so hear me out because I DO NOT want to sound like I’m crapping on people who create courses because that’s not what I’m saying here!! Courses are a super great way to learn to do something new, but it can be impersonal. They teach you their strategy and what has worked for them, but that doesn’t always translate to your own personality. Sometimes, the basic information you get from a course is a perfect starting point for a new business owner - but then what to do with that information? When I get a client who has just taken a social media course, that’s typically where they’re at - the “what the hell do I do now?!” stage. And that’s because they got a bunch of great information but no guidance on how to cater it to their very special business! 

I find that in a course, oftentimes, it’s like “here is the hack I found that worked for me and my learning style and now I’m going to sell that hack to you. Good luck.” In a 1-1 setting, like with a social media sherpa for example, you get the personalized knowledge from someone who knows what to do and how to implement it. Most importantly, you are given a personal approach to your marketing that is uniquely created for your business. 

For example, if you’re like me, and you hate to write, then a social media course that teaches you the strategies to writing content won’t really be your jam and it might not be effective. Whereas if I am strategizing with you, I can help you figure out when you should outsource certain tasks and how to show your authentic self without the writing. 

Courses are built around the skills of the person who makes it. The system will work, but sometimes there’s so many pieces in there and you may not be prepared to do all of it. That’s why the completion rate of a course - even if it's an amazing one - is only 20%. They don’t adapt it to what you excel at and the resources you already have. When you work with me, you know that what you learn will translate into the efforts you are already making in your sales process and networking. 

No matter what level you are at, that’s where we start. It’s like having a whole program custom made for you!