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VIDEO: Why YOU Need to Prioritize Your LinkedIn

whether you're a business owner, or you're someone looking for a job, it is the way that people are going to see you. (Follower Testimonial Inside)

Today, our topic is helping you get the most out of LinkedIn and telling you why you should prioritize this channel and what good it has for you, whether you're a business owner, or you're someone looking for a job, it is the way that people are going to see you. It's how people are going to vet you, it's how they're going to know you, if you're the right person for their job. 

The first big thing that I want to shake into you, whether you're a business or a job seeker, is that your LinkedIn profile is where people are going to look. So if I'm meeting you at a networking event, and I want to know how legit this person is, I'm going to look at your profile to see what you have about yourself. The reality is, most people are extremely boring on LinkedIn, they don't share anything interesting or unique about themselves. (ie. I do real estate, I'm a mortgage broker, I do this) While that is great information, I have a million other choices of who I'm gonna call, I want to know that you understand me and my problem. You want to be interesting, you want to be special. So don't make yourself generic. I want to see stories about your past experiences. I want to know what gets you jazzed, what your passions are. You essentially have the opportunity to stack the deck with information that makes you look like the rock star that you are, and will make it easy for people to make connections with you to get to know you better. 

Along those lines. The next big thing is that your LinkedIn profile is a bonus interview. You might not get to say how amazing you are in that 30 minute interview slot or that 30 minute sales presentation. However, your LinkedIn can fill the gaps for that person, it makes it super obvious what you're really good at so that when you do get on the phone they're not only curious to get to know you better, they're so excited to talk to you. Because they already know so much about you it makes it easy even for the interviewer to feel like you are the person for them. 

All of this can help with amplifying your network of connections and even mutual connections. Your resume is something that maybe a few positions will see, however, a LinkedIn is something that everyone can be exposed to. In this situation you can think about it like this: You have people you've worked with in the past, people you want to work with in the future, and people that you have met at events. Instead of meeting them once and never seeing them again, connect with them on LinkedIn, now they see you showing up on a regular basis with the exciting work you are doing. It's a great way to stay in touch. Better yet, if somebody you want to prospect or somebody you want to be employed by has a mutual connection with you, that can not only serve as an easy introduction, it can also make the other person feel like you're more vetted in their network. Who your mutual friends with matters because it lets someone know what caliber of a person that you are. What you put on your profile, what you show off about yourself, with your posts and with your content are going to build up conversations with people that you don't get to talk to every day. 

Lastly, if you're going to be marketing your business or even marketing yourself, the people and the caliber of people that are on LinkedIn are a little classier. Not to say that money is everything, but when you look at some of the research when it comes to social media platforms, the average net worth for a lot of these other platforms is 30 or $40,000 a year. When it comes to LinkedIn, the average salary/income is around 70 grand a year. The kind of people that you're going to have exposed to you are going to be much higher caliber on the LinkedIn platform. 

Today, I've given you just a little taste about all the different things that you have on LinkedIn and the things you need to think about when it comes to your profile. This is just the beginning. There's again full length videos on my Youtube channel that can give you many tips and tricks for LinkedIn. 

If you want to go more in depth, check out the ‘hacks for sale’ tab. There's four different hacks there. And one of them is about how to write an excellent LinkedIn post so that people actually want to interact with you, to engage with you, and get to know you better. I've always got new nuggets here and new training to put out. I believe in you. I know that social media can be really overwhelming, but one step at a time and you're going to do amazing. Let's learn to help you be unforgettable to your network. 

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Here is what one follower had to say:

I’ve been following all your advice and it certainly paid off! I just got this amazing new job purely based on networking and my public persona! Hated my job and got a C-level position without even an interview! I just sent a cold email to the CEO saying what I would do for them.

-Natalie Berkman, Instructional Designer, Mathmatition, and lover of the French language.