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LinkedIn and Networking Inspiration

Evolving your career? Looking for a new job? Use these insights to make you shine online.

"I really loved the LinkedIn content that you taught. Although I went to Michigan State University for 2 degrees, they really never taught me how to use LinkedIn for networking. I think when it start to click was seeing profile views turning into conversations because of the content on my profile. What spoke the most to me was [learning about what to do with] the description section. I never thought of that as a way to sell yourself, just thought it was somewhere you put about me information."

Chris, Student at the University of Chicago

This blog is what I have been sending to folks who are evolving their careers:

I have 4 no cost videos that are publicly available on YouTube.


Girlcon 2020 - geared more towards high school students but totally fun and relevant

0:00 - Intro

4:17 - How you can relate your previous non-tech experience with developer positions you’re applying to

12:21 - Expose your thought process and personality to hiring managers through Linkedin (and other Linkedin tips)

26:17 - How to engage with hiring managers and recruiters, Examples of low effort networking attempts

41:29 - User-centered approach to feature development, Soft skills, Share your purpose

48:00 - Developers should consider creating content

57:51 - Where you can reach Shaily and even get help from her

University of Chicago - adult career seekers looking for hope on LinkedIn

Learning the relationship between networking and social media. 

An interview I did with 2 career seekers via podcast.


“Shaily did a live Linkedin profile review within a course I was taking. I wasn’t excited to have mine looked at because I knew it wasn’t great and I was a little embarrassed. Shaily is so positive it’s almost impossible to feel bad about yourself when you talk with her! Not only was the info Shaily gave me super valuable - but she changed my whole approach to social media in general. Just by listening to her talk for that hour long session I knew how to highlight what is unique about me and use that to be more personable and likeable on social media. I have implemented everything she guided me on for my Linkedin profile, and not only improved it immensely for my business, but the changes were so impressive, I have been hired to write other Linkedin profiles since!” 

-Melissa Ramsey-Green 


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You can also get my favorite LinkedIn profiles here:

The sessions I do, I extract the goodness that you have inside you that will shape how recruiters see you and what you bring to the table.

I know it's not easy, but I am super cheering you on in this big moment you have right now.