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LinkedIn Workshops For Teens and Students

Your students are ambitious and are ready to tackle college and internships. But are they ready for those opportunities?

"Corporations care less about where you went and more about what you did. Many of the kids we are speaking to today are going to end up working in careers that don't even exist yet."

Are you a high school guidance counselor, run a college resource center at a highschool, or train students at a university and want your students to be prepared for the professional world? You need to empower them to share their skills and stories online to open up the doors to career success. You need someone to motivate them to make their dreams happen.

I can walk them through how to customize their profile to highlight all the skills they have gathered in high school.

A session with Your Social Media Sherpa will walk them through not only the features that they can use to grow on LinkedIn but also marketing skills they will need to impress future jobs and internships.

Shaily has been a featured speaker at GirlCon Chicago (sponsored by Google and IBM) with one of the highest attended sessions out of 30+ workshops for the 2020 conference. Recording below: 

She has been brought in by the University of Chicago, Norte Dame, University of Illinois, Depaul, and internationally at Cambrian College.

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“Shaily did a live Linkedin profile review within a course I was taking. I wasn’t excited to have mine looked at because I knew it wasn’t great and I was a little embarrassed. Shaily is so positive it’s almost impossible to feel bad about yourself when you talk with her! Not only was the info Shaily gave me super valuable - but she changed my whole approach to social media in general. Just by listening to her talk for that hour long session I knew how to highlight what is unique about me and use that to be more personable and likeable on social media. I have implemented everything she guided me on for my Linkedin profile, and not only improved it immensely for my business, but the changes were so impressive, I have been hired to write other Linkedin profiles since!” 

-Melissa Ramsey-Green 


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Ready to learn more about how you can empower your students with these 21st century LinkedIn skills?