• I help my client engage their network.

    Want some insights to see how well you are doing and learn how to be unforgettable and irresistible online?

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    Why people hire me to shine online:

    1. They secretly want a cheerleader to believe in them and what they can achieve

    2. Frustrated with the results they get from their social media efforts

    3. They want to figure out how they can kill it on LinkedIn after seeing what I do on there

    4. They know social media is the way of the future, but they don’t understand the steps to get there, so they call someone like me to help them understand.

    5. They want to have tech skills to execute their social media.

    What people get when they work with me:

    1. My client's ideal clients understand exactly what it is that they do on how to take the next step

    2. Higher quality engagement with their content

    3. Infinite content ideas to last them years!

    4. A clear understanding of exactly how social media efforts lead to an ROI for their business without guesswork saving them time in their sales process.

    5. Empowerment to do their social media or to know exactly what to outsource to a team member

  • Be unforgettable online. Start today. ⤵️


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    Self Starter Plan

    Learn alone



    Learn the exact strategy I teach my clients.

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    Strategic Executer Plan

    Learn with a little help


    one time

    Everything in the self starter, plus:

    Specifics on how you can implement with a chance to ask follow-up questions


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    Personalized Plan

    Learn it all


    to start

    I "stalk" you on the internet and you get to see everything your ideal audience sees. I tell you exactly what you need to do to be successful online by highlighting your golden missed opportunities.

  • So you want my help to see how you can best to engage with the people you serve? You are in the right place. I can help you do it

    1) on your own


    2) with some specifics


    3) Side by side

    Each option will get you to where you need to go with your marketing.

    I want to help a bunch of you know exactly what to pull out online without the stress of feeling like you have to be a social media manager when all you want to do manage your company.

    The video will help you understanding the overall gameplan I teach my clients so you can do it on your own to get more out of your network. It's a 7 video series you can watch right now that will help you achieve it. Mindset about how to think about your marketing.


    The video will give you the exact ways to comminiate to the people that matter the most to you on any platform. You will get a ton of specifics to help you get there.

    The side by side is exactly what it is, I work with you to get this all in motion. This is the basic entry to starting to work with me. The offer will look different for everyone but the result will be how to understand your golden opportunities to engage your people right now and the areas of focus you will need to put energy into to get there. From that base, I will build an experience to help you maintain and sustain what you learned.

    How this will happen: 1) video review 2) conversations 3) clarity


    For a typical business that is already established online, I record a live reaction video to everything I see of you online including:

    1. Website

    2. Facebook

    3. Instagram

    4. Tiktok

    5. LinkedIn

    6. The way you show up on Google

    7. The emails you send

    8. Platforms you didn't know you were on like old websites that are less of a focus for you (client example)

    9. Platforms I did not know existed like Psychology Today or Mastodon (client examples)

    This is often the starting point for longer engagements with me. A typical client will mull over the video for a few weeks and ultimately make the connections on what they need to do online. Lightbulb moments are highly likely.

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