• Do you need help engaging online?

    I can show you how to increase your social media presence strategically!

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    I help my client engage their network.

    Want some insights to see how well you are doing and learn how to be unforgettable and irresistible online?

    I cover when small businesses should:

    ● Use referral network amplification

    ● Plan social media content

    ● Fix the broken parts between marketing and sales

    ● Choose between organic outreach or paid advertising


    What’s Inside:

    ● How do you choose a secondary social media platform?

    ● Shaily’s Facebook hack for creating more engagement and publicity for a live-stream or event.

    ● My method for figuring out what a client values using LinkedIn.

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    What Kind of Client seeks me out for help with social media?

    The type of client that I can help is someone who is frustrated and their energy is going into the abyss.


    They are not really sure what they’re supposed to put out.


    They’re not really sure what needs to go out online where they spend their time.


    They’ve tried to go through customer service on various social media platforms and they’re not getting the support and help they need.


    They don’t really have anyone to talk to and there’s not an immediate way to get help.


    I am very patient and I will take the time to address the concerns of my clients.


    I have really good tips that will be profitable and I can help your people to understand you better.

    I am a social media consultant and I can help you, I cover when small businesses should:

    • Gain some insights to see how well your social media presence is.

    • Show you how to be unforgettable and irresistible online

    • Understand how you are perceived on social media.

    • I can teach you how you can make social media work for you and increase your online engagement.

    • Use referral network amplification

    • Plan social media content

    • Fix the broken parts between marketing and

    • Sales

    • Choose between organic outreach or paid advertising

  • FAQs

  • Testimonial from a Client

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    "I don't inherently enjoy doing publicity. I would say that anyone who wants guidance in the social media landscape could benefit from working with you.

    You had knowledge I didn't have; you knew about different platforms; you could strategize ways in which I could move forward. You also could inspire me and get me thinking about different things that I could do. You seem to know the landscape really well and were eager to guide me. You took notes. I appreciate that.

    You wanted to support me in a way that was the right way for me. You wanted me to do it the way that was good for me.

    There was some growth there in taking a risk to be more public. You were supporting me along the way."

    -Male, first-time author, long time writer, in his 40s

    “Shaily is energized and knowledgeable about social media and the importance of it in a small business person’s outreach and also the various components of the different platforms out there. She has hacks for every single one.

    She is every bit worth [the price] because she is bringing expertise to the table. Yeah, some person can dick around and figure out [social media] on their own. It’s the accountability that is the extra component that makes it so worth it”

    -Amanda Clement, Interior Designer

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    "To be honest, I just started creating content last week,

    so I haven't reached the point where I say I have no more ideas... But before I started, I was sure I had NOTHING to say. I had a call with the amazing Shaily Hakimian and she helped me see I have tons of things I could talk about! For example, I could just take questions clients ask me before hiring me as their web designer, or why I started my business, or all I know about website building (in bite-sized posts), etc."

    -Mariela Cabezas, Websites in a week 

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    I'm Your Social Media Sherpa! I can teach you how to engage with more people on social media just like I helped the lovely folks above. 

    By properly managing your social medial presence you can increase traffic to your site. I can show you how!

    Why people hire me:

    1. They secretly want a cheerleader to believe in them and what they can achieve.

    2. They are frustrated with the results they get from their social media efforts.

    3. They want to figure out how they can kill it on LinkedIn.

    4. They know social media is the way of the future, but they don’t know how to get there.

    5. They want to have tech skills to execute on social media

    What people get when they work with me:

    1. My clients understand exactly how they can improve their social media presence.

    2. My clients know how to get higher quality engagement with their content.

    3. I provide my clients with infinite content ideas to last them years!

    4. My clients learn exactly how social media efforts can lead to an ROI for their business without guesswork saving them time in their sales process.

    5. I empower my clients to approach social media as a means to catapult their business toward success.


    You have worked hard on your business now let me help you get the traffic you need by using social media strategically.

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